The brand, Biombo Bags, was born in 2012 with the idea of ​​creating functional bags with an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, through the creative direction of its designer Pilar Blas. It was not until 2017, when Biombo Bags became a reality with the launch of its first collection.

Initially, she was trained in fashion design by the IDEP Barcelona School and after several years of working as a clothing designer for important firms such as Lidia Delgado, KE, Jesus del Pozo, Victorio & Lucchino and Mango, she decided to speciality in accessories at UAL (University Arts of London) and finally launch her first collection.

Pilar Blas is the sensitive and creative part behind Biombo Bags. Passionate about fashion, art and architecture,  Pilar prints into the patterns the character of these different disciplines, to achieve  a unique personality that defines her  brand and easily differentiates it from others. It has also been these passions that have led her to spend long periods in New York, London or Toronto and to visit Tokyo, París cities which have been her source of inspiration.

Biombo Bags was born to satisfy a woman who loves luxury, an exclusive design and subtle elegance, creating an affinity with glamour and comfort through perfect bags for any event.

Biombo Bags perfectly combines with an informal or a sophisticated look because the woman who chooses the brand knows how to choose her ideal outfit for every moment. It has that fresh, strong and urban personality which stands out for its harmony, freshness and elegance. Biombo bags will make any woman the protagonist because she understands beauty, art and fashion.